Gear & Rentals

Not sure what to pack for your trip? Check out the Georgetown OE’s 3-season packing list, or additional sites:

Want to get outdoors off campus but you don’t have gear? OE has rentals available!

We are not renting gear during the summer but will resume in the fall.

For inquiries, please email the OE Basecamp manager, Jay Lewis: If possible, please include:

  • Group size
  • What gear you need/are looking for
  • Quantity of each type of gear
  • Details about your trip so we can best accommodate your needs!

If you are making a significant rental, please allow plenty of time for us to go through proper checks (e.g. we will need to show you how to put up and look after our tents properly), for lending and returning. 

Read our rental info, below, and get in touch for availability.

All Prices are per item, per week.

* denotes items which require solid experience and skill base to be able to rent.

For the following items, please contact us for specific pricing details: stove/cook set, fuel, trowel, rope, first aid kit, compass, maps
Sleeping BagFREE$15
Sleeping PadFREE$5
Tent (can accommodate 3 people)FREE$30
Ground Sheets for TentsFREEFREE

We continually work to offer Georgetown Students the best possible prices, often below market rates, and in order to do so we must keep our gear in good shape and our inventory fully stocked.  Therefore, we must charge students for lost gear or broken gear; as well as a cleaning fee for gear returned in dirty conditions.  Please read the gear rental form that details this responsibility and familiarize yourself with the following gear replacement costs before renting. All prices are per item.

Lost/Broken/Dirty ItemCost
Sleeping Bag$160
Sleeping Bag Sack$5
Sleeping Pad$20
Plastic Ground Sheet$1
Stove Pump$18
Stove Windscreen$5
Stove Lighter$2
Pot Grip$8
Fuel Bottle$10
Cooking UtensilsVaries
Non-Climbing Rope$10
First Aid Kit$160
Anaphylaxis Kit$25

The lease of this gear or equipment agrees to waive all claims and /or causes of action against the Lessor (Georgetown University or any affiliated party) arising from the operation, use or misuse of the subject equipment or gear.
The renter also agrees to pay all charges, damages to the equipment and late-fees which accrue because of the rental, and will at the expiration of the rental period leave the equipment in as good condition as received by the renter, ordinary wear and tear expected.  Renter also agrees to be responsible for misplaced, stolen, broken, or lost equipment and gear; in which case renter is responsible for the full retail value of the lost item.
Renter acknowledges that he/she is qualified to use the gear and equipment being rented, and that the activities he/she may use this equipment for, will be done so without the supervision of Georgetown University.  Therefore, the renter holds him/herself completely responsible for any consequences arising from the use of this equipment; including bodily injury, property damage, or death.  Renter also has read and acknowledged policies regarding lost gear, late return, cancellation, and cleaning fees outlined below.

Lost or damaged Gear:  the renter will have to pay for the full retail value of the lost or stolen item. Renter will also be responsible for full retail value for gear that is rendered useless because of damage to gear or missing parts.

Cancellation policy:  renter will lose all deposit money upon cancellation.  If renter has paid in full in advance, he/she will get a 80% refund as long as such cancellation was given more than 24hs in advance.  Cancellations within 24hs of pickup date are subject to OE staff’s discretion and terms; and thus refunds of any sort cannot be guaranteed.

Cleaning fee: if you return equipment dirty or wet, you will get charged 10 dollars per item.

Late fee: if renter return the gear after the already agreed upon date, renter will be charged the weekend rate for each day the gear is late.