The Center for Student Engagement (CSE), in conjunction with the Center for Social Justice, Teaching and Research (CSJ), Campus Ministry, and the Student Centers conducts The Blueprint Student Organization Training at the beginning of each semester. The training and the manual include leadership transition information, forms and documents utilized to access organizational funding, and much more. Click here to view the CSE Blueprint Manual.

Blueprint Training for Student Organization Leaders is OPEN for Fall 2023!

All Presidents and Treasurers of CSE student organizations must attend this training. If your organization has more than one person serving as President or treasurer, both persons will need to attend to fulfill the requirement. We also encourage those who will coordinate travel and make purchases attend. If you are no longer serving in these roles, email with updated information, and pass this email onto your newly elected individuals. 

A few things to note before you register:

  1. You will see dates, times and locations when you go to choose a ticket.
    Dates: Mon 8/21 – 130 pm or 330 pm; Fri 8/25 – 10 am or 1 pm; Sun 8/27 – 10 am or 1 pm; Wed 8/30 – 5 pm or 7 pm; Fri 9/1 – 1 pm or 3 pm.
  1. You must attend the entire session from start to finish to satisfy the Blueprint Training requirement, so choose one that you are able to  attend in its entirety. If you have class schedule conflicts for every Blueprint session, or any other concerns, please email in a timely manner, that allows us the opportunity to help you. 
  1. In order to become a DBC Authorized User (able to use a University Declining Balance card or Advisor’s Procard) you will need to attend this training.. You may have up to five (5) Authorized Users per organization. We suggest sending the maximum to a training session, in case you have members who step down from their roles during the semester.  Blueprint training is required to check-out DBCs and cards won’t be available until after completing this training and the required Financial quiz.
  1. If you serve as the President and/or Treasurer for multiple clubs across different advisory boards (ABCS, CMSF, CSJ-ABSO, Media Board, PAAC, SAC), please consult your advisor for each organization. You will be responsible for attending the respective training sessions for each affiliated advisory board of which you are a part if they have those.  
  1. To register for Blueprint go to:
    Please arrive 10 minutes early to check into the session. Sessions will begin on time and you will not be able to enter the room after. If you decide to change your session, please cancel any tickets you no longer need to leave a seat open!

The resources below are provided to student leaders to assist in the operations and programming of student organizations. To suggest a resource that should be added to this site, the manual, or training please contact us at, with the subject line “Blueprint Concern”.

Fall 2023 Blueprint Manual