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As life-long learners, students are strongly encouraged to participate in the variety of leadership development programs offered at Georgetown University. Whether one is exploring new leadership theories and models, or developing skills to strengthen their leadership within an organization, there are multiple opportunities to grow in one’s understanding of self and others from a leadership lens. Below are just a few of many leadership programs offered on campus.

student employment opportunities

The Center for Student Engagement has several employment opportunities for students. Each will immerse students into Georgetown student affairs practice and culture. To inquire about these opportunities, email

  • CSE Student Assistant
  • New Student Orientation Coordinator
  • Georgetown Weeks of Welcome Coordinator
  • GOLD Coordinator

student leadership opportunities

There are several student organizations under the cSE  which provide robust and meaningful leadership opportunities in service to the Georgetown Community.

  • Georgetown Program Board Executive Chair(s): The Chair positions are in charge of their respective committees and are an active member of the Executive Board. All Chairs must have regular committee meetings during the academic year toward the end to crafting and executing high quality events for the Georgetown community.
  • Advisory Board Chair (ABCS, Media Board, SAC): Chairs guide and support all student organizations under their Advisory Board through equitable and just representation. Chairs meets regularly to handle logistical operations such as finances, travel coordination, and student safety for their respective organizations.
  • NSO Captain: Captains support and guide a group of Orientation Advisors. These individuals do not interact directly with new students or families, but rather form the critical leadership backbone of NSO. Captains work with the NSO Coordinators to ensure all OAs have the necessary information and skills to be successful in their roles.
  • NSO Advisor: Advisors are responsible for guiding and mentor first-year students during and beyond their New Student Orientation experience. This will include familiarizing students with campus resources, helping them adjust physically and emotionally to their new surroundings, and facilitating sensitive group discussions.
  • GOLD Mentor: The GOLD Mentor position is open to all undergraduate second semester first-year students and above, regardless of if you have participated in a GOLD program in the past. Interviews are a hosted every Fall. You will be a part of an incredible team of Hoyas who are working to welcome freshmen to the Hilltop while also gaining leadership skills.
  • SAC Commissioner: Commissioners serve as members of SAC who are responsible for aiding and advising their groups on how to best achieve the group’s goals. SAC commissioners are trained to guide student groups through processes such as budgets, expenditures, event planning, etc.
  • Outdoor Education Guide: Outdoor Education (OE) guides are students who plan and lead outdoor trips for the rest of the Georgetown student body. Think hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains, kayaking along the Potomac, or rock climbing in West Virginia.  Students who are selected to take part in the guide training class are expected to be active guides with OE for the duration of their time at Georgetown.

Among many others. Stop by the CSE in Leavey 316 to learn more about our leadership opportunities and student organizations!