About Us

Center for Student Engagement professional staff advisors work collaboratively with undergraduate students to create an engaging and vibrant co-curricular experience. By empowering current Georgetown students to create the campus community and culture, we help students develop practical leadership and social skills that complement and enhance the classroom experience.

Center for Student Engagement (CSE) Mission

The CSE fosters campus-wide engagement and student development by working with campus partners and undergraduate students in a Jesuit context. We do this by facilitating high quality programs that spark curiosity and inspire action; developing a sense of community that centers citizenship and belonging; and providing leadership opportunities that foster agency, reflection, integrity, and collaboration.

Contact your CSE advisor directly via email or click below to make an appointment during their office hours.

If you have a general question, contact us at getinvolved@georgetown.edu.

Meet Our Staff

Aysha Dos


Aysha’s Office Hours

Jaime Brown

Associate Director

Jaime’s Office Hours

Kris Nessler

Director of Outdoor Education

Kris’ Office Hours

Matthew G. Barnes

Director of Orientation, Transition, & Family Engagement

Matt’s Office Hours

Mikaela Malsin

Director of Debate

Mikaela’s Office Hours

Brandon Kelley

Associate Director of Debate

Ava Kwasnieski

Senior Program Coordinator

Ava’s Office Hours


Senior Program Coordinator

Katharine Gray

Athletic Trainer

Katharine’s Office Hours

Sierra Amato

Administrative Assistant

Ana Gutierrez-Perez

Graduate Assistant

Ana’s Office Hours

Darshini Parthasarathy

Graduate Assistant

Darshini’s Office Hours

Mariama Barry

Graduate Assistant

Mariama’s Office Hours

Eish Sumra

Graduate Assistant

Eish’s Office Hours

Aditi Sahu

Graduate Assistant

Aditi’s Office Hours