Meet the Staff

The Center for Student Engagement is led by full-time professional staff and part-time graduate assistants who have extensive experience and expertise working with student engagement. We work collaboratively with undergraduate students and colleagues across campus to create an engaging and vibrant co-curricular experience. By empowering current Georgetown students to create the campus community and culture, we encourage students to be inspired, get involved, and stay engaged!

CSE Professional Staff & Advisors

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Patrick Ledesma

Director of the Center for Student Engagement

Patrick guides the vision and collaborative work of the CSE, advises a number of student organizations (GUSA, Senior Class Committee, student media groups, and others), and leads the professional team whose work supports co-curricular life from NSO to intercollegiate debate, outdoor education, leadership programs, clubs sports, to student organizations.

Vanice Antrum

Associate Director

As the Associate Director of the CSE, Vanice’s portfolio includes leading CSE’s work on collaborative advising across departments and advisory boards; advising SAC, Lecture Fund and several student organizations; overseeing student leader training; joining our Speech and Expression response team; and supporting student organization technology, specifically CampusGroups.

Kris Nessler

Director of Outdoor Education

Kris oversee’s Georgetown’s Outdoor Education program. He runs more than 40 trips a year for Georgetown students including GOPOP, a pre-orientation program. He trains, advises, and supervises student guides that lead these trips. He also advises a select group of club sports organizations.

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Director of Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement

The Director of Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement oversees the design of programs and experiences for new students in their transition to college, including the implementation of the New Student Orientation (NSO), Georgetown Weeks of Welcome Program (GWOW), Cornerstone, and the Transfer Council. They also lead parent and family engagement activities.

Brandon Kelley

Director of Debate

Brandon directs Policy Debate at Georgetown and oversees the award-winning Georgetown Debate program. This includes operations, traveling with the team and providing one-on-one coaching to students.

Senior Program Coordinator

The Senior Program Coordinator works with staff in the CSE to advise students and student organizations in programming, organizational and leadership development. They design programs to involve students in campus life and co-curricular learning experiences and is responsible for oversight of the Georgetown Program Board and a subset of Student Activities Commission (SAC) organizations, and their associated activities.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant supports CSE operations. They oversee a team of Student Office Assistants in event and organizational support for CSE staff members and Access to Benefits student organizations. They maintain reservation calendars for CSE spaces, Declining Balance Card and equipment checkout, office supply maintenance, approving purchasing and travel forms for students, and managing compliance with the Student Organization Standards.

Sandeep Kumar

Graduate Assistant, Transition Programs

Sandeep works closely with the advisement and implementation of programs for new students, including Georgetown Weeks of Welcome (GWOW), and Cornerstone.

Graduate Assistant, Advising and Communications

The Graduate Assistant for Advising and Communications advises and provides support, in conjunction with professional staff, to the Council of Advisory Boards (CAB) and the Student Activities Commission (SAC), including policy compliance, financial management, membership development, and assistance with event planning. In addition to advising, the role involves coordinating communications, marketing, and digital presence for the department.

Aakansha Chacko

Graduate Assistant, Orientation Programs

Aakansha works closely with the implementation of New Student Orientation (NSO), including supporting the NSO student staff and working on communications and logistics projects. She also supports parent and family orientation and communication projects.

Fendi Bea

Graduate Assistant, Programming

Fendi plays a critical role in supporting the advising and educational efforts of the department. In conjunction with the Senior Program Coordinator, she provides advising and support to the Georgetown Program Board and various cultural and pre-professional student organizations.

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Caitlin Cottrell

Graduate Assistant, Leadership and Special Projects

Caitlin advises and provides support to various cultural and pro-professional SAC-member organizations, Club Sports organizations, and plan leadership programming for the student body. She assists in the development and execution of trainings and workshops to facilitate the learning and development of undergraduate students as they serve in leadership roles.

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