Red Square Banners

Policy and Guidelines:

  • Request banner space on  our space reservation website. A university cost center is required.
  • Hanging of banners is restricted to groups with Access to Benefits and other university groups/departments, as this is a specific resource that may require labor charges from Facilities.
  • All banner designs must be reviewed and approved. Authorized student groups should plan according. OCAF will not process banners requests until advisor approvals are received.
  • Procedure for banner hanging is as follows:
    • Requestor will transport banner to Work Management in B-24 Harbin, and must make arrangements to pick up the banner after it is removed. Banners should be delivered to Work Management by 2pm Friday morning before the actual start of the reservation.
    • Banners will be taken down by Facilities on a standard day for cleaning up Red Square (Monday morning). Requesters must retrieve their banner from Work Management no later than 12pm Tuesday. Failure to do so could result in banner disposal and/or fines.
    • Requestor acknowledges that a banner is at risk of being stolen, and no additional precautions will be taken to protect banners hung officially in Red Square
  • Free speech guidelines and policies apply to banner spaces in Red Square; however, the University reserves the right to deem banner language/presentation as inappropriate. Under such circumstances, the banner will be removed. External advertisements/solicitations are prohibited.
  • The standard maximum duration for banners is two weeks.
  • Groups are limited to one Red Square banner reservation per month.
  • Priority is given to student organizations or community-wide events (e.g. Midnight Madness, Homecoming).
  • Because of the approval process, the lead time is (10) business days for authorized student groups to request Red Square banner space.
  • No Red Square banner may be installed or hung on the ICC arch horizontal overhang.
  • Installations will not occur on weekends.
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing to OCAF at least (4) full business days prior to the first booking date, or a $25 cancellation fee will be assessed.

Banner specifications (preferred not required):

  • Size: 8’x8′ or 6’x8′ is best (vertical side must at least 6′ but width may vary; the bottom edge must be at least 10′ from the pavement).
  • Material: vinyl or durable plastic, or color-fast printed/painted fabric (hemmed).
  • Fasteners: grommets to ensure secure attachment to the wall.
  • Wind resistance: a few short slits cut in face of banner to inhibit wind from catching/pulling banner is advisable.