Marketing Your Club

Publicizing your club can be challenging, but rewarding, in terms of enhanced membership, campus support, and increased financial gains (dues, merch sales, and fundraising efforts).

After a club event (community service, fundraiser, competition, practice, etc.), please complete the Weekly Report Form. This information will be reviewed by our ABCS Marketing Chair and showcased on our social media platforms.

Websites, flyers, tabling, and articles in the Hoya are all methods of attracting new members and spectators. Get Involved houses a web page with basic information about your club. Review this page periodically for accuracy and additions. You are welcome to create an additional website, which can be linked to your page on the Campus Recreation page. Some free or low-cost web hosting sites are Weebly and Wix. Email any changes or additions to your page to the Club Sports Program Coordinator.

To enhance the success of any promotional effort, it is recommended that each club inform the Club Sports Program Coordinator and the ABCS of any upcoming activities. Seek the ABCS Marketing Chair for assistance with any marketing needs.