Gaston Hall

GASTON HALL is located in the Healy Building and is surrounded by administrative and faculty offices. Requestors are asked and encouraged to respect the needs of others in the building.

THE CORRIDOR in the Old North Building immediately behind Gaston Hall, the dressing rooms, hallways and lobby are not to be used as support space or supplemental rehearsal space for Gaston Hall. Due to fire regulations, the door leading to the corridor must remain open during the event.

ALL ADVERTISING must be approved by the Office of Campus Activity Facilities prior to publication.

PROTESTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS:  Protests and demonstrations of events held in Gaston Hall will be dealt with on a case by case basis, depending on a variety of factors. Security for the speaker, members of the audience and members of the campus community will be paramount. The Department of Public Safety will consult with the Center for Student Engagement, the Office of Protocol and Events and the Office of Campus Activity Facilities as it decides on placement of protests and demonstrations.

BEFORE AND AFTER THE EVENT a representative of the client and the Hall Manager on duty will conduct an inspection of the facility. Any damages not reported to the Hall Manager prior to the event will be charged to the clients.

SECURITY is assigned at the discretion of the Department of Public Safety.

SET UP OF THE STAGE AND LOBBY is provided by Special Events as directed by the Facilities Coordinator from information provided on this form. Tables and chairs can be provided for rental and delivery fee. Tablecloths/covers are not provided but it is recommended that the requestor consider obtaining them. A diagram must be attached to the reservation form to depict the desired set-up. For events where food will be served from requested tables, table covers, not tablecloths, should be requested.  No food or drink is permitted in Gaston Hall or the foyer area.

BANNERS identifying the requestor/organization should be hung from the hooks provided at the back of stage. No banners, flags, or advertising material may be hung from the walls or balcony by any means.

DC FIRE SAFETY REGULATIONS and University policies require the client to ensure that all fire exits are clear and remain accessible. Prior to each event, the client is required to make an announcement informing the audiences of the emergency exit procedures. NOTE: Gaston Hall is NOT appropriate for events which involve fire or water, extensive audience participation or any activity which has a potential for damaging the facility.

NO FOOD, BEVERAGES OR BEVERAGE CONTAINERS are permitted in Gaston Hall. Refreshments and concessions may be sold only during intermissions and may be consumed only in the lobby. Alcohol may not be consumed.

AN AMPLIFICATION LIMIT of 96db is applied to all sound amplification in Gaston Hall. The Department of Public Safety monitors the sound during concerts to ensure that the 96db limit is not exceeded. If the limit is exceeded, the sound must be immediately turned down. NOTE: Gaston Hall is best suited for acoustical concerts or those with minimal amplification. This will generally include classical, jazz, folk, and some types of ethnic music. Music or instruments with excessive amplification will be approved on a case by case basis by the Office Campus Activity Facilities. Amplifiers or lighting equipment drawing more than 50amps or requiring special electrical services must be approved by Facilities Management. An electrical technician may be required to be on site at the requestor’s expense.

A DAMAGE DEPOSIT may be required at the discretion of the Office of Campus Activity Facilities.


  • Loading:
    • Approach through New South roadway between Village C and New South Residence Halls. Loading is conducted through The Quadrangle, but vehicles may not enter this area.
    • The stage is 4 steps above floor level.
    • All doors 6’11” high by 5’10” wide.
    • Elevator door 6’11” high by 3′ wide.
    • Elevator 7’1″ high by 5’3″ deep.
  • Seating Capacity:
    • Orchestra = 467
    • Balcony = 276
    • Total House = 743
  • Stage:
    • Standard lecture / concert / convocation hall with no procenium, side stages or sunken orchestra pit. Wood floor, planking, stained dark, suspended.
    • Wall to wall width is 60’4″
    • House and stage lighting board back stage S.R.
    • Patch lighting and sound is on S.L.
    • Distance from apron lip to back wall 21’5″
    • Footlights on apron
    • Distance from center stage to S.R. wall 30’2″