Copley Formal Lounge

EXTERNAL (non-Georgetown University) organizations or individuals may rent the facilities, subject to availability, if:

  • the event does not conflict with similar campus activity
  • the event is appropriate to the ambiance of the facility
  • the event is appropriate to the educational mission of Georgetown University
  • the event is not in conflict with Georgetown University standards as a Roman Catholic institution

ALL ADVERTISING must be approved by the Facilities Coordinator prior to publication.

BEFORE AND AFTER THE EVENT, a representative of the client and the Hall Manager on duty will conduct an inspection of the facility. Any damages not reported to the Hall Manager prior to the event will be charged to the client.  Before the event, the client can report to the hall manager any equipment order or set-up discrepancies.

FORMAL LOUNGES are considered within the living space of Georgetown University students and, as such, the activities held in them must observe the following policies:

  • Quiet hours and study days will be observed
  • Events must end by 11:00 p.m. Sunday thru Thursday and at 12 midnight Friday and Saturday. Reservations must end by 12 midnight Sunday thru Thursday and at 1:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Events will end at 12 midnight Sunday thru Thursday and at 1:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday
  • Lounge capacities are not to be exceeded

FACILITY SET UP AND EQUIPMENT is handled by the University’s Special Events office as directed by the Facilities Coordinator from information provided on the form. Tables and chairs can be provided for rental and delivery fee. Tablecloths/covers are not provided but it is recommended that the requestor consider obtaining them. A diagram must be attached to the reservation form to depict the desired set-up. For events where food will be served from requested tables, table covers, not tablecloths, should be requested. Prior to the event, groups should inspect equipment provided (tables, chairs, podium, etc.) for damages and report any problems to the Office of Campus Activity Facilities. This will prevent charges for damages which may be for pre-existing conditions.

CATERERS may only set up in the Copley Formal Lounge or in the pantry area. Staging is not permitted in any other location, including the first floor hallway or the back stairwell in Copley. The lift cannot be used to transport equipment.

SMOKING is prohibited per District of Columbia law in all indoor spaces.

THE SECURITY OF ANY EQUIPMENT brought into the facility by the requestor is not the responsibility of the University. No equipment may be stored in or around the facility after the event.

PER DC FIRE SAFETY REGULATIONS, the client must ensure that all fire exits are clear and accessible. Prior to each event, the client is required to make an announcement informing the audiences of the emergency exit procedures.

SOUND AMPLIFICATION should be appropriate to the size of the lounge and its location within a living area.

CLEAN UP is the responsibility of the requestor. All loose trash must be bagged and taken to the dumpster. A charge to cover all the labor costs to restore the area will be assessed if this obligation is not met.

ALCOHOL POLICY Individuals planning events in these facilities should be thoroughly familiar with Georgetown University’s alcohol policies and will be held accountable for implementing and enforcing them throughout the event.