Club Rock Climbing

Club Rock Climbing

About Us

Georgetown University Club Rock Climbing provides undergraduates with an organization through which they can train their rock climbing skills for competing in indoor competitions.

How to Join

Anyone can attend an information session and then go through the two-week, two-phase tryout process (which is by commitment only, not skill), after which we select new members for our team.

Time Commitment

We hold meetings weekly. Meetings typically consist of club updates, a lesson component, and a casual climbing session with club members. We also hold one additional practice during the week which is open to all members of the club.


Dues will be approximately $185 per semester per person. We do offer financial help in the form of our club’s payment and the ABCS Dues Assistance Program.

Awards, Recognition, and Championships

Our team mostly partakes in regular practices and competes for a few times a semester, which are our biggest events. We also host outreach programs with affinity groups on campus, like Georgetown Scholars Program.

Contact Us

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