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Club Polo

About Us

Welcome to Georgetown Club Polo – the epitome of passion! Nestled in the heart of Georgetown, our club has cultivated an exciting realm for all horse lovers. Our mission is to unlock this experience for every student who hopes to play this sport. At Georgetown Club Polo, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and diverse. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Polo player, we have a place for you. Our structured training sessions led by our experienced coach will help you master the nuances of the game. Come join our community of like-minded individuals as we forge lifelong relationships while experiencing the rush, strategy, and camaraderie of Polo!

How to Join

The following process will be used for individuals wishing to join our club:

  1. You will be provided an Interest Form to fill out and submit to a club executive member.
  2. A Membership Application will also be needed for further consideration. 
  3. After review, we will conduct a Formal Interview to learn more about yourself and your experiences.  
  4. If selected, a Skills Showcasing will also be conducted in various training sessions. 
  5. Final Approval for club membership after careful evaluation by the club coach and select club executive members.

To begin the process, you will need to sign up at our booth at the Council of Advisory Boards (CAB) Fair.

Time Commitment

We practice at the Seneca Polo Club and Battlefield Park Polo Club (bi)weekly. Attending practice at least once a week is mandatory and highly recommended if you want to play and compete. Additionally, the commitment to travel for different tournaments is required to be a part of the team depending on skill level. We also have several opportunities to travel and compete internationally.


Dues are $800 per semester per person, which will include equipment, gear transportation, horses, and training sessions.

Awards, Recognition, and Championships


  • College Polo Tour – Morocco and Spain (Summer 2023) 
  • Harvard University (October 2023) – Nationals Preliminary Match 
  • Bill Fields Invitational (November 2023) – Nationals Preliminary Matches
  • College Polo Tour – Argentina (Thanksgiving 2023) 
  • Cornell University (January 2024) 
  • USPA I/I DII Regionals (March 2024)
  • USPA I/I DII Nationals (April 2024)

Contact Us

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