Center for Student Engagement (CSE) Mission

Georgetown University's Center for Student Engagement is committed to providing learning and development opportunities, which complement our Jesuit identity and students' educational experiences. We empower and partner with students to create a vibrant and pluralistic campus community through: leadership opportunities that foster integrity and collaboration; high quality programs that spark curiosity and inspire action; and reflective practice that deepens self-knowledge and awareness.

Contact your CSE advisor directly, or contact us at to set-up an appointment with an advisor.

Meet Our Staff

Aysha DosAysha Dos 
Ali StoweAli Stowe 
Assistant Director
[alt text] Jihye Kim 
Program Coordinator
[alt text]Nadra Dennis 
Senior Program Coordinator
[alt text]Mikaela Malsin 
Director of Debate
[alt text]Katherine Gray 
Athletic Trainer
[alt text]Matt Barnes 
Director of Orientation, Transition, & Family Engagement
[alt text]Joyce Miranda 
Administrative Assistant
[alt text]Kris Nessler 
Director of Outdoor Education
alt-textLauren Molina 
Graduate Assistant
Ana Gutierrez-Perez 
Graduate Assistant
Mary Margaret Ewens 
Graduate Assistant
Lucy Hadley 
Graduate Assistant