Student Organizations

Georgetown University is home to over 250 student organizations that contribute immensely to shaping campus life and culture. Student organizations provide events and activities central to the student experience, while also allowing opportunities for students to develop a variety of valuable leadership skills. The wide range of student organizations ensures that each student can find at least one club that supports an identity, culture, professional or academic discipline, recreational activity, or general interest that matches theirs.

Student organizations are given Access to Benefits through seven Advisory Boards. Each Advisory Board has a unique structure and processes that work to support the programming efforts of their member organizations.

All recognized student organizations are represented on Hoyalink, Georgetown’s hub for student organizations and events. Students are encouraged to explore Hoyalink, connect with student organizations, and learn about campus events through the calendar function.

Georgetown Program Board (GPB)

The Georgetown Program Board is a student-directed, campus-wide group dedicated to providing low-cost, high quality entertainment to the undergraduate campus community. Events reflect the diversity of interests, backgrounds, and people at Georgetown.

Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA)

GUSA serves as the voice of the undergraduate populace, and it affects nearly all aspects of student life. The two main bodies of GUSA, the Executive and the Senate, operate both independently and jointly to enhance the student experience.

Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is the governing body for graduate students and also serves as an advisory board for student organizations composed primarily of graduate students. To help unite graduate students across the Georgetown campus, GSO hosts academic, networking, cultural and social events and also allocates funding to member organizations for events and programming. More information about the GSO can be obtained by emailing Explore a list of GSO clubs on Hoyalink to learn more about the individual organizations.