Leadership — GOATs

Ellen Bannon

  • SFS ’19
  • Major: STIA; Minor: French
  • Certifications: GOAT, First Aid, CPR, WFA, ET Top Rope Course and ~~~Lifeguard~~~ certified
  • My name is Ellen Bannon (nicknames: LN, ello, ellobean, and elbow) and I could be one of your ~~~illustrious~~~ outdoor ed guides on your next adventure! I was born and raised in North Salem, NY and spend my summers working, hiking and swimming in North Eastern, Vermont. Hobbies include: hiking, climbing, camping, scuba diving, being in nature and taking sick photos of people doing all those things. My favorite places to hike/climb include the Green Mountains, Red Rock Canyon NV, Death Valley CA and Seneca Creek WV!

Camden Blatchly

  • College ’19
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Certifications: GOAT, GRIP, WFR, LNT
  • Camden is a true New England outdoorsman. Raised in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic, he ventured inland, much like Darby Field did in 1648, to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There, Camden found his true calling: wrestling pebbles in the mosquito-infested North Woods, running/falling along ridge lines, and furthering the AMC’s mission of High Mountain Hospitality while working as a member of their infamous hut crew. Among his many accomplishments include running up two mountains and trying to eat a 36-egg omelette (he only ate 2/3), permanently losing feeling in both of his big toes after hiking 52 miles in a day, and baking the best backcountry whoopie-pies you will ever eat.

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Kesiah Clement

  • SFS ’19
  • Major: Science, Technology, & International Affairs
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR, ET Top Rope Course
  • Born in Arizona but raised in Portland Oregon, you will most likely find Kesiah in a hammock on Copley Lawn with at least five layers on. Her favorite outdoor activities include hiking, white-water rafting, skiing, and rock climbing. She also enjoys writing and reading creative non-fiction, coordinating for DC Reads, watching Arrested Development, and drinking tea with friends.

Dylan McCarthy

  • SFS ’19
  • Major: International Political Economy
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFA
  • Hello Everyone! My name is Dylan McCarthy class of 2019. I was born and raised in the warm sun of Long Beach, California. I joined Outdoor Ed freshman year and have had great experiences exploring West Virginia, the California Sierras, Catalina Island, and Canyonlands, Utah. Coming from California, I also enjoy all the beach time I can get! I’m currently studying abroad in Japan where I’m planning on climbing Mt. Fuji and doing some adventures in the Gifu Prefecture. When I’m not backpacking or climbing, I enjoy philosophizing about song lyrics, swapping stories, seeking out weird foods, and watching as many movies as possible. Can’t wait to see you out there!

Connor Pace

  • College ’19
  • Major: Environmental Biology
  • Certifications: GOAT, ET Top Rope Course, WFR
  • I was born and raised in Redwood Shores, CA. Up until Georgetown, I got to spend about 2/5ths of my life in Lake Tahoe and the Sierras. My family has been incredibly supportive of my adventures throughout my life, allowing me to live alone at times for months. One of my greatest passions in life is learning new skills and teaching. These days I climb every chance I get and hope to get involved in the intersection of environmental policy and business interests.

Devon Schmidt

  • SFS ’20
  • Major: French Culture; Minor: Scarves
  • Certifications: ????
  • Hullo, my name is Devaugn. In case you didn’t know, I studied abroad in France last semester and really discovered myself. I now wear scarves and gender-neutral headbands. I enjoy the outdoors and particularly enjoy a good broulder session with my best friend and roommate, Camden. If I were to describe myself in one word, it would be cobra, because they are calculating and exotic, much like myself.

Will Thacher

  • College ’19
  • Major: Math
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Will Thacher is from Oakland, CA majoring in math in the class of 2019. Will loves his family and friends, bluegrass music, playing his guitar, and being outside. He has a twin brother and a big sister and two dogs. Will is WFR certified.

Hannah Funk

  • SFS ’20
  • Major: Culture and Politics
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR, LNT
  • Hannah hails from Bristol, Vermont and is an avid skier, hiker, and runner. She also loves to cook gluten-free food and, when not exploring the wilderness, can usually be found on Lau 4. Hannah’s favorite outdoor memory is her trip to Sequoia National Park in California this summer.

Lucy Morrison

  • College ’20
  • Major: Environmental Biology
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR, ET Top Rope Course
  • I grew up in Beijing but spent my summers in Lake Tahoe where I learned to love cold water, scrapes on my knees, and pine needles in my hair. My favorite hiking friend is my dog, and if I’m not outside, I’m probably in the kitchen making cookies.

Charlotte Phillips

  • College ’20
  • Major: History & Government; Minor: Spanish
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Hey! My name is Charlotte and I’m a sophomore in the college, studying history and government with a minor in Spanish. I’ve loved spending time outdoors for as long as I can remember, growing up spending a month each summer on hiking and paddling trips in Maine. I now spend my summers leading similar trips, which is what made me want to be a guide at Georgetown. My favorite locations to lead trips to in the D.C. area Strickler’s Knob and the Dolly Sods, but I’m really excited about our newly expanded paddling program and hope to lead some canoeing trips soon.

Dani Sparling

  • MSB ’20
  • Major: Marketing & OPIM
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Hi my name is Dani, I’m a sophomore in the MSB. I like long walks in the mountains and Granny Smith apples. One time my mom told me I’m a badass, and it was the greatest moment of my life. Very #stoked to lead some trips!!

Maddie Finn

  • SFS ’21
  • Major: Science, Technology, & International Affairs
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Maddie hails from the wilds of suburban Alexandria, VA. She enjoys long romantic walks up mountains, pineapple juice, docudramas, and painting. Along with OE, she keeps herself busy by writing for the guide section of The Hoya, attempting to master rock climbing, and snacking. Her aspirations in life? To go into outer space and to be on the Bachelor.

Reed Hasson

  • SFS ’21
  • Major: STIA; Minor: Arabic
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Hi, my name is Reed Hasson and I hail from Los Angeles, California. I am in the SFS studying STIA with a minor in Arabic. Growing up my family went to Yosemite every single year and did countless weekend hikes! Coming to Georgetown, I never had gone backpacking but had always been interested, which is why I signed up for GOPOP. Ever since I have explored whatever opportunity possible to go backpacking and I will be backpacking for three weeks this summer. All in all, Outdoor Education has been a great opportunity to escape the Georgetown bubble!

Freddy Ludtke

  • SFS ’21
  • Major: International Politics/International Security
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Born in a small rural town in New Jersey but partially raised abroad in France, Freddy loves hiking, skiing, and seeking out beautiful sunsets. When not soaking in the outdoors, he also enjoys reading non-fiction, finding pick-up soccer games, trying to learn languages, watching historical documentaries, eating chocolate chip cookies, and following developments in international affairs. Before hopefully spending a good part of his life traveling overseas, he dreams of exploring his own country by driving cross-country.

Charlotte Rosenblum

  • College ’21
  • Major: Government
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Charlotte is from Cambridge, MA and has never sat in the driver’s seat of a car. By March 21st, 2018 she will be a certified beekeeper. She is passionate about biking, ravioli, warm socks, oral hygiene, the color yellow, rap music, flash floods, and dream analysis.

Estelle Spanneut

  • MSB ’21
  • Major: International Business
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • I was born in France but have lived in Boise, Idaho for a significant part of my life, where most of my time was spent outdoors. I love hiking, backpacking, kayaking, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, and surfing. When we moved to the US, my parents decided that they wanted to see as much of America as possible, so I’ve gone hiking and backpacking in many different states with my parents and two brothers.

Anne Stonecipher

  • MSB ‘21
  • Major: Marketing and Finance
  • Certifications: GOAT, WFR
  • Born in Seattle, Washington, Anne has grown up being surrounded by the beautiful outdoors.  She enjoys hiking, backpacking, and seeking out the best star-gazing spots in the country.  When not exploring the outdoors, Anne spends her time at Georgetown as a photographer for The Hoya, going on adventures with friends, and baking whenever possible.  She hopes to one day live abroad, ideally with her adorable yellow lab Chloe.